Damsel's Tattooed Temptation (Complete)

Damsel's Tattooed Temptation (Complete)

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Alexandria Ashcroft By alexandriaASHE Completed

"Where are they now, Damsel? These perfect men,  why aren't you with them?" James ran a finger down her arm and felt her body shiver. "Why are you here, right now, with me?"


Damsel and James have opposing philosophies about life and how to live it. Damsel is disciplined, values structure, and lives by rigorous planning with meticulous execution; while James feels like life is for the living and living by the seat of your pants is the only way to milk life for all its worth. Focused on the next step in her career, Damsel finds James as an irritating distraction simply because he's not the type of man she pictured as a lifetime partner. His lust for life, musical talent or his abundance of body art make him Damsel's undeniable, temptation. A temptation perhaps, but it could never lead to anything more for what can someone so different from her possibly offer?

Welcome Beautiful Readers to another story. This one is starring Stephen James as the inspiration for my male MC: James. 


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purgatorygirl purgatorygirl Nov 12, 2017
I like how her name is damsel I don't like how it can be refers to damsel in distress, idk we will see how this goes I hope it's great like it looks
alexandriaASHE alexandriaASHE Sep 17, 2017
Ya know! I really wish other people's bodily fluids didn't bother me...😕
Orchid_27 Orchid_27 Sep 16, 2017
I know people like this guy, and his tatts are cool... But is he nice, or a good guy, or does that not matter and I'm being old and married again? 😂
Apriloctober21 Apriloctober21 Oct 10, 2017
His eyes are really mesmerizing. I wish I have them instead of just Hazel. 😊😊
Apriloctober21 Apriloctober21 Oct 10, 2017
Yup definitely know him and obsessed with him. ♥️♥️♥️
                              God bless you and the author who introduced Wattpad to Stephen James ♥️♥️.
                              P.S.- where did you find the last photo? Back facing and showing his bum 😍. I don't have that one.
bigbootyjudyloljk bigbootyjudyloljk Nov 21, 2017
I hate the smell of hospitals due to the memories it brings back and due to the face that my brain associates it with needles- and if you knew me then you’d know that they had to calm me down before giving me the the last shot I’d gotten bc my heart rate was abnormally high 😂😂