The Reckoning

The Reckoning

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C. M. Rosens By CelticRose Completed

A trio of bodies with identical puncture wounds but different causes of death. 
A glamorous mortuary assistant with premonitions of murder.
An otherworldly stranger with unearthly powers and venom in his veins.

Something wicked has come to Pagham-on-Sea, and the bodies are only the beginning.


Missing teenager Lynnette Graves returns to her hometown three weeks after her disappearance, nearly twenty years older, sporting a spider tattoo on her back which is not all it seems.

Unable to explain to her normal parents that she has travelled through time and space as a member of Death's elite group of assassins, Lynnette tries to figure out why she has been brought back to town without a clear mission or directive. Then she meets a charming, dangerous, otherworldly stranger who also knows what it's like to be abducted by Death, and as the chaos begins to unfold around him, Lynnette realises to her frustration that Death intends them to work together. 

Lynnette and her new acquaintance have arrived just as the town is in the grip of a serial killer, whose endgame is more chilling than they, or any of the residents of paranormal-riddled Pagham-on-Sea, could imagine. 

Death has a way of really messing up your life. 


Cover by @AmyCamy

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