The Mob Boss' Girl

The Mob Boss' Girl

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Mary Caitlyn By Belle_Bete Completed

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"He backed me up against the wall, placing his hands on either side of me to prevent my escape. His cobalt eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting as he leaned in.
'Virginia Eloise, are you afraid of me?'"

The year is 1922. The war is over, the prohibition is in full swing, and Virginia Eloise longs for something more than the life she's been given. Her hometown slowly turns into a gilded cage, and she loses all hope of leaving.

Enter Raymond Kelly. She doesn't know his story, who he is or who he was, but she can't help but be attracted to him. All she has to go on is the scar on his right eyebrow and the ring he wears in his left hand.

What she doesn't know is that by falling for him, she's opened herself up to a new life, but is it all worth dying for?

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