Sugar and Spice And Everything Nice

Sugar and Spice And Everything Nice

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Hera :) By Jumjojee Completed

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Sugar And Spice, the famous bakery, has been in Amy's family for four generations. So when unavoidable circumstances arise and her family decides to sell it off, Amy is heartbroken. The little bakery is where she's had her favorite childhood memories and cupcakes. And moreover, it's something that reminds her most of Grandpa.
Grandpa, who was full of wise words and jokes. Grandpa, who was always optimistic. Grandpa, who taught Amy to toughen up. Grandpa, her favorite person.
Gramps had taught her to face her problems, and go after what you wanted. So Amy does just that, and starts reviving the bakery.
But to get Sugar And Spice back on it's feet takes an awful lot. Specially when faced with the notion that such a young girl cannot do so much on her own.

A story about growing up, and coming to terms with the fact that you may not be able to change everything or everyone, but you can always try.

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