the bad boy and the fatty fat girl

the bad boy and the fatty fat girl

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meet Raina Goodwin  the school fat girl also not she is 220 lb but raina is tall girl and  have pear body shape only her lower body is fat. she became fat after she and her mother discovered that her dad was GAY when she is 12 y.o.

meet Aiden McKnight the school bad boy  /player/ jackass/ athletic he love or can I say adore doing prank on Raina and making her life is hell .

what gonna happen when she asked him for help ?


what she asked ?

ClaryMikah ClaryMikah Jul 20, 2016
What's wrong with being Gay? Obviously he shouldn't have hid it from her mother and her, but it's not exactly a shameful thing or a reason to start binging.
ClaryMikah ClaryMikah Jul 20, 2016
First off, the girl on this cover is NOT fat by any means. She's not even curvy or thick, really. Just a healthy weight. That's kind of ridiculous.
Tony_Perry_Is_My_Bae Tony_Perry_Is_My_Bae Apr 18, 2016
Pfft I wish my äss was fat😖 all my fat goes to my boobs😂
uwuwhatsthis uwuwhatsthis May 03, 2016
Whut why was gay capitalized-
                              Eh nah
                              This is gonna be good, I can tell.
KelahTheGoddess KelahTheGoddess Jul 15, 2016
I wish I had that shape I think I got it but I need to lose some of my fat to see it.
TheIuckyOnes TheIuckyOnes Jul 15, 2016
I hope this book isn't homophobic I understand the sucky dad thing tho if it isnt