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meena898 By meena898 Updated May 31

I was standing silently hiding in the closets holding my breath when I heard footsteps approaching. Please, Lord! Don't let this happen, please, save me from him. I had my eyes closed and all I could hear was my heart pounding  I could feel the bile gushing in my mouth. 

"I can hear you, sweetheart! I know you are here, come out before I find you because when I find you there will be consequences too", I heard him talk in a playful tone. Why does he treat me like a possession? How did I end up like this? why is he here? how did he know that I was here? what does he want?

my thoughts and questions stabbing me with fear because the man that was on my trail is someone not to be messed with! but why me? Suddenly I could hear the door open and the footsteps now seemed distant. Looks like he has left the room, I better hurry and leave this hotel maybe even leave this country before he gets back. Just when I took I sigh of relief

"Gotcha!", the strong arms around me holding me real tight and I could feel the rage in his eyes piercing right through me.

"NO!!! Please, I beg you, please, let me go!",  I screamed my heart out I kicked him even dug my teeth in his hands but to no avail. He was a monster, No! he was a beast! a rogue beast who wouldn't budge no matter what.
Hey, guys! this is a brand new story with brand new characters.
Meet Meera whose life turns upside down when she attracts the attention of a Mafia gang leader Aryan. 
life is unpredictable for Meera as every door she opens to escape Aryan only throws her back in his arms.

  • arrogant
  • beast
  • mafia
  • mystery
  • possessive
  • romance
  • thriller
maryc123 maryc123 Oct 02, 2017
I love this book  it real not that crap that write now all about sex
aashii-dhan aashii-dhan Sep 05, 2017
Oh i loved looks likr hr didnt actually found out anything about her but just got her since hr liked her or something...I wonder what will happen wen he knows her identity....but if his business also happens with making girls as part 0f deals then i cant imagine meera...poor girl
ChandanaPrasad ChandanaPrasad Sep 05, 2017
Another beautiful work from you..and another best book in my library..looking forward for the next update..all d best
The-eclipse-girl14 The-eclipse-girl14 Oct 08, 2017
I'm just falling in love with your sassy kickass heroine 😉
Brace_Mystery Brace_Mystery Sep 04, 2017
Loved your story "taking what's mine" and even I like this storyline as well but I was hoping you gona write about rajveer's story.....
D-Khawaja D-Khawaja Sep 05, 2017
Oh God, I am so happy that you casted her. Our Pakistani character. You made my day by  removing the difference of both countries. and the chapter was blasting amazing ...