Betrayal Love

Betrayal Love

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Raina Lori By rainalori Completed

A journey of love after betrayal. 

She loved him with all her hearts. She sacrifice her everything to make him happy. She was happy for having him in her life. She can do everything just to be with him.

But suddenly what happened that she forced to leave him for good. Her love  become the reason of her tears. Whatever she had done for become the nothing to him. Putting her all hope and love she leaved him forever. With a promise to never back again.

With the passing time what happened when he realise his mistake. He tried to find her with his all power to make her his again.

What happened when destiny forced them to meet again and put them on the path where their journey began.

Meet Renee  William a beautiful and smart girl with a passion of Doctor. Her parents arranged a marriage for her with the parson she never met. After her engagement she fall in love with her fiancé and  devoted herself to him.

Meet Sky Petition a billionaire with a killing look. Every girls are around him trying to get a little attention from him. In front of the world he acted as a caring fiance but in reality he don't even know anything about her. Love and Relation for him is nothing but a word.


"It's Over Sky, there is nothing between us for what we need a talk. Just forget about the old time and Move on for good" I said looking in his eyes.

"Really? it means you don't love me anymore" he said coming closer to me. My heart beat getting wild and I can even hear that. "but too bad babe You are stuck with me for ever" he said and slam his lips on mine.

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I thought February 18 was Aquarius. Aries is from March 21st to April 19th.
Isn't January 16th Capricorn? Gemini occurs between mid May to mid June.
rainalori rainalori Aug 15
Well, it does not says that its a universal truth cause sometimes its happened in reality too. Like me, my birth month and the start sign does not match.