Bible Study: The Choice

Bible Study: The Choice

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A. Leave the land of egypt
1. Remove the shackles/chains
-decide to be set free.

-vices, wrong relationships...
2. Forget the whips (latigo)

-forget emotions attached.

-life is full of attachments, but we have choices...
3. Leave the bricks (burdens)

-leave the burdens

-there is joy when serving God. The joy when serving God is different from the joy of this Earth.

-life should be enjoyed and reject burdens.

-joshua 24:5-7

-Ex 3:7-8

-Col 1:13

-Heb 12:1 (1)

-Matt. 11:28-30 (3)

B. Learn in the wilderness (place to mature)

-enjoy the journey of being young.

-you dont need to repeat other peoples mistake for you to learn. 

1. Undergo Transformation

-Dont forget that we are changed already, overcome the guilt and temptation each day.

-set goals and dreams.
2. Go through preparation

-If God has something deep for you God has deep plans for you. It may took years but surely something is waiting for you.

-God may train/prepare you for so many years. We just h...