Cinos' Pokémon Chronicles

Cinos' Pokémon Chronicles

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Cinos The Werehog By CaesarPOTA2011 Updated Jan 17, 2018

The Cinos' Pokémon Chronicles is a spin-off series staring Cinos The Werehog who is in the Pokémon World. Cinos travel with his new friends: the protagonist of the anime Ash Ketchum and the mascot of the game the electric starter Pikachu.

Cinos, his Ravagers, and friends from other worlds head to the Pokémon World to help allies and defeat many dangerous villains like Cinos' archenemy Malware, the dangerous Negative 10, hungry alien predators, the psychopathic K'Vathrak a.k.a. Newtralizer, the rebellious 'Con Steeljaw, and other baddies of Cinos and friends.

While Cinos is with Ash, he befriended to many of his Pokémons like Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape, Krookodile, Greninja, etc while protect him from many of dangerous villains.

Characters from different media.
Cinos The Werehog owned by @CaesarPOTA2011
Buck & The Herd owned by Ice Age
Rufus owned by Kim Possible
Axiom Aliens, Azmuth, Malware, Negative 10, and alien predator owned by Ben 10
Bishop, Mutanimals, Newtralizer, Krang Subprime, & Mutants owned by TMNT 2012
Grimlock, Autobots, Steeljaw, Pack, and 'Cons owned by TF:RID 2015
Toothless, Riders, Dagur, Dragon Hunters, and dragon species owned by HTTYD
Keeper, Zenowing, Heckyl, Sledge, and Monsters owned by PR:DC
Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Hamsterviel, Delia, and Experiments owned by Lilo & Stitch