Written from Edward's point-of-view, On Our Way Home relates his thoughts, fears, and feelings as he, Bella, and Alice travel home from Italy to Forks after being rescued from death at the hands of the Volturi. Includes dialogue taken directly from Meyer's New Moon and is written according to established Twilight canon.
That's the only problem with Edward, like he never freaking leaves you alone!
I would be like does anyone have coffee or energy drinks? Coke gets old after awhile
Of course he expects Her to sleep with caffeine in her system
Great chapter...I am so glad to find you had written this book as I just finished reading (Evening Star) and was so broken hearted with Edward's choices.
Perfect, exactly how I imagined it would be. Bella's pain is being shown to Edward. Him feeling her pain. Ahhh sheer perfection
This is awesome! It sounds like you may know Edward just as well as Meyer does. Your language use is just perfect.