Decoding Life

Decoding Life

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Drug addict, felon, and having a track record of juvie and one night stands with desperate Goth chicks, Hunter Wesley was the last person to fall down on Evelyn Morrison's list of fatal attractions. He's not what she normally looks for in a guy. While he's dangerous and branded as a 'loser,' she's shunned by her peers in a different way. 

Renowned as the intimidating 'Ice Queen,' Evelyn is everything girls want: attractive, too smart for her own good, and has credentials that fly off the roof. She's also off limits since she's too 'uptight' for most guys at her school, who find solace in poking fun at her 'titanium armor.' Lonely and wanting someone to understand her, she honestly doesn't think that Hunter is up to the job of casting away her baggage.

Forced to go to therapy sessions for his near death drug overdose, Hunter soon realizes that he needs more help than the regular chit chat around the circle of teens. He doesn't think that help can come from Evelyn Morrison, the type of stuck up girls he'd rather stray from. 

When two lonely teens come together, they soon realize that they both have more to offer each other than they had initially thought.

LornAFish LornAFish Mar 14, 2016
Just finished reading Chasing Danger so I'm looking forwards to reading further into Hunters life
pwndx1000 pwndx1000 Dec 02, 2016
Just a random thought, it would be very fitting if the chapter titles were in binary.
Lovelyjollylocks Lovelyjollylocks Feb 23, 2016
This is so great that I'm on my second go-'round. Yay this book!
mygingerED mygingerED Nov 09, 2015
This might be the best written prologue-y thing. I've ever read. So excited for this story
PlatinumMarshmallows PlatinumMarshmallows Jul 08, 2014
just finished chasing danger, now starting this one! fave author now. ❤️ your so amazing!
La_Muslim_CHICA La_Muslim_CHICA Apr 29, 2014
Awww this was so adorable. I'm really gushing over the one-on-one time they got together! ^-^