Protecting Fable ✔️ (#6~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE

Protecting Fable ✔️ (#6~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE

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Tripp was in love once, but she left him, breaking something inside of him.  Now, Tripp's a detective, but now he can't stand dealing with all the red tape.  He wants to take down the bad guys, but most of the time the law gets in his way.

Fable had the kind of love people only dreamed about.  But, when her mother remarried, she gained a stepbrother from hell.  He turned her world upside down, and forced her to break up with Tripp.

What happens when Tripp discovers Fable was forced to break up with him, and is in trouble.  Will the law stop him from protecting what was once his, or will he ignore the law, and follow the bikers that may just have the right idea about how to dole out vengeance!  

© 2017 by Megan Fall. All rights reserved.

**This book can be read as a standalone, but is actually a spinoff of The Stone Knight's MC series.

Book 1 ~ Finding Ali (Dragon's Story)
Book 2 ~ Saving Cassie (Steele's Story)
Book 3 ~ Loving Misty (Trike's Story)
Book 4 ~ Rescuing Tiffany (Shadow's Story)
Book 5 ~ Guarding Alexandria (Mario's Story)
Book 6 ~ Protecting Fable (Tripp's Story)
Book 7 ~ Surviving November (Jude's Story)
Book 8 ~ Sheltering Macy (Preacher's Story)
Book 9 ~ Defending Zoe (Dagger's Story)

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Wow. The only books I've read for like, the last 7 hours have all been your books.
Finished the books in two or three days, and can't wait to start this on😊😊💖💙💜💚💛
PerrinSM PerrinSM Mar 05
He’s totally gonna join the Knights by the end of the book.... *squeals!*
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Nov 06, 2017
Ain’t that trikes age? I think he was 24? And with 2 books happening he has probably gone up a year
Lovette55 Lovette55 Mar 04
I love ur books so much just wondering if u didn't do any on Noah sniper
kewarner kewarner Jun 11
I'm sorry u have to threaten like this!!!  It's unreal people r so crazy!!