Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knight's MC)

Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knight's MC)

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Meganfall By Meganfall Completed

**COMPLETED**Highest Ranking #3 ~ 10/30/17**Shadow has been a Navy Seal for the past eight years.  After several tours, and some close calls, he decides to call it quits.  With the open road ahead of him, he sets out to find a new place to belong.  

Shadow missed the closeness of the seal team, and decided to look for a motorcycle club that would provide him with the same feeling of family.  When he finds The Stone Knight's MC, he decides to stay.

When the president's sister is kidnapped by a rival club called The Outlaws, he agrees to go in alone and get her back.  When her sad eyes lock on his, he instantly knows he'll do anything to save her.

He'll ride hard, to return her safely to her brother.  But when he gets home, with a rival club on his tail and a war brewing, will his president let him keep the girl he can't seem to be without, or will he consider it a betrayal to the club?

© 2017 by Megan Fall. All rights reserved.

**This book is part of the Stone Knight's MC, but can be read as a standalone.

Book 1 ~ Finding Ali (Dragon's Story)
Book 2 ~ Saving Cassie (Steele's Story)
Book 3 ~ Loving Misty (Trike's Story)
Book 4 ~ Rescuing Tiffany (Shadow's Story)
Book 5 ~ Guarding Alexandria (Mario's Story)
Book 6 ~ Protecting Fable (Tripp's Story)
Book 7 ~ Surviving November (Jude's Story)
Book 8 ~ Sheltering Macy (Preacher's Story)

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KatieDickerson88 KatieDickerson88 Sep 25, 2017
Yes your amazing and your stories are soo good. I am looking forward to the others.
EmilyJones368 EmilyJones368 Nov 06, 2017
I'm glad the friggin Bitch is blind! She can fine ally live in darkness I honestly feel no remorse for her😈
danatimmons73 danatimmons73 Sep 30, 2017
And we are off with a bang! Clean up the shed for the next victim
MollyJones927 MollyJones927 Nov 05, 2017
Has anyone else noticed that Trike / Brody is the true hero in all the books so far ?
PhoenixSystem404 PhoenixSystem404 Oct 19, 2017
Um... Did you forget Irving get at the LAKE at night so she could fall in?!
MaNiqqaOlaf MaNiqqaOlaf Sep 30, 2017
I was literally going though my library and reading list tryimg to find your books. Thank god you put them again. You are an amazing writer. ❤️