Nom De Plum (BWWM)

Nom De Plum (BWWM)

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calypso By _macc_ Completed

Graylen hides a lot of things when he first meets Aubrey, and he doesn't know how to tell her of his true nature without scaring her or her son. 

All that comes crashing down when Aubrey does something completely simple. 

She drank from a coffee mug.

That's what forced Graylen to reveal his true self to the woman he was in love with, and it had nothing to do with the shape or the design of the cup, but its contents. 


NightmareRoyale NightmareRoyale May 18, 2016
Duude. Hus name and Graylen and my name is Joralen. The ralen part in my name is pronounced just like the raylen in his!! Twins!! Lol in so stupid
melliemel4ever melliemel4ever Oct 15, 2016
Why would you feel relieved? She just met him that day. He has no business following her. To be honest I'd still be freaked out if not more so…
artamisscaine artamisscaine Apr 09, 2016
Brother or son? This is confusing. Another edit note. Establish this for the reader first even if it's not clear on the other characters yet or you risk looking like you couldn't make up your mind about who your characters are. :)
Amhj89 Amhj89 Aug 16, 2016
Lol he saw that, mocha is not going to hide that pink cheek.
Haunted_Imagery Haunted_Imagery Oct 06, 2016
I can read brail but I only know the signs in the "Baby's First Language: Sign" book. 😂 My daughter signs and knows three other languages. SMH I need to step my game up.
gumbomama gumbomama Jun 13, 2016
Is Aiden autistic? I think it'd be great if he were, more stories need to shine light on stuff like this.