Mafia King Possesses the Billionaire's Ex-Wife

Mafia King Possesses the Billionaire's Ex-Wife

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Sargam❤ By SargamBelwanshi Updated Apr 02

"Either Be Mine Willingly or I'll make you way" 
His closeness to me making me quiver, His shaky, Unsteady breath hitting the nape of my neck making me blush and voice just stuck in my throat as I try to form words to make him stop and stand still. His hands slide to my waist in a sultry manner as he licks my earlobe and suck on the same spot where his breath hit. 
I can't think, all of my attention seems to draw only towards his touch. 
Oh God! My knees are going to give up. I tried my best to stand still till the show ends but this man always gets his ways. Just as I was going to let go and fall on my knees he caught my arm. I can fall down rather lean on this Demon for support, But here goes Nothing. He caught me and I did lean on him. It's better to use him than lose my face in Public. "Wise Choice. Still not facing me?" I could sense him smirking at me. Idiot! "As if!" I blurted out forgetting the position where I'm in, And I got pinched where I didn't want to be the most especially at this place. And I'm at his mercy. I Hate him!. I hate Him the most! 
I grit my teeth as I try to suppress my moan. 
"Well then, Should I let go?" His starts loosening his hold and in fear my face turns pale. 
"N-no, Please don't" I say begging as if it'll please him, I knew it, Believing in this man is the least any smart person could do. Now, I'm in his trap. Now, I hate me above anyone else.

"Hm, Still not a single word of gratefulness? I was expecting more from Ms.Eliza." Hell the way he says my name gives me goosebumps and a noticeable heartbeat I go weak to. 

"Please Don't let go of me." 



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