Her Wings of Freedom {Rewriting--Metamorphosis of Dispositon}

Her Wings of Freedom {Rewriting--Metamorphosis of Dispositon}

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"We're trapped like pigs to the slaughter in these walls. Forsaken by God for disobeying his great laws of life—his chaste commandments." 

Aoife Callaghan and her father, Liam Callaghan are all that remains of their family after Wall Maria was breached and Titans rushed in; harvesting and devouring as many lives as they could get their massive, grimy hands on. 

It was on that very day that Aoife learned that there was no dream she so wanted more fulfilled than the disappearance of the wretched giants—vowing the rest of her life toward learning the proper fighting skills required to take down such creatures. Will she prevail and make her mark on the ranks of the Titans or will she fail and fall to them like her mother and eldest brother? 
                                                             "Your strength will come when you need it most. Whether that strength be through words or through brute force; it will come. A tree might lose its leaves, but each Spring, they bloom anew. In your life, there will be good times and bad times; however, it is your decision upon which will affect your mentality the most, Aoife."

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  • 進撃の巨人
c3p0h_no c3p0h_no Jul 24, 2017
I LOVE THIS NAME!!!! One of my favourite Irish names and I'm so happy that there's finally a book where the mc's name isn't one that you'd typically hear everyday
XOXOYukiXOXO XOXOYukiXOXO Jun 24, 2017
I got a D- in science soooooooooooo I have no idea what chu talkn' bout 
                              JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK i got an A-
Hey, hey Aoife, hey, guess what, stars are fragments of exploded planets and the sun is also a star, so, like, how big do you think the suns planet was before it exploded, it was probably really, really, really, really big! This is a one sided conversation, is t it?
TLCjay3 TLCjay3 Apr 16
Opening Screen plays with the song
                              “I’m the Doctor” in the Background
I had a friend whose name was Aoife, I had so much trouble pronouncing it, she just told me to call her Eva.
                              Now, I have a classmate whose name is Euwoia (idk how to pronounce it as well) her nickname is Eumy (pronounced as Yumi) 
                              Lol I met so much people whose names’ I can’t understand
Gianna_McGuire_ Gianna_McGuire_ Sep 24, 2016
"This is my story" song from shrek the musicale that I'm in!!😄👍