Unexpected (A Kol Mikaelson story)

Unexpected (A Kol Mikaelson story)

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"Always expect the unexpected."

I had always known about vampires, and I thought I knew what to expect from them. And I did, but when the Originals came into my life, all my expectations were turned upside-down.

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-MaeWinchester- -MaeWinchester- Aug 09, 2016
Why would Kol go to school??? Oh I know to eat the teachers if I was a vampire I would too
_BIPOLARZ_ _BIPOLARZ_ Aug 06, 2016
I cannot imagine Kol going to school. He would eat all the teachers.
malfoys_bitch malfoys_bitch 2 days ago
inevitably falls in love with Kol? hates Elena Gilbert? listens to Fall Out Boy? 
                              correct me if im wrong, but, is this me?
heyyyitsemmaa heyyyitsemmaa Oct 16, 2016
well, stefan, your ringtone is 1d, dont be judging Bethany now..
-MaeWinchester- -MaeWinchester- Aug 09, 2016
We all hate Elena. Elena: I'm too weak to protect myself so I have Stefan and Damon do it for me I'm exactly like Katherine( I love Katherine btw) I toy and play with people's emotions I'm completely pathetic