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Falling for a Fallen Angel

Falling for a Fallen Angel

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lemon By cashtiel Completed

Castiel has always been a little different when it comes to feelings, but when he meets Dean Winchester, a new kid at their high school, he falls head over heels. Unfortunately, the other angels do not approve. [hs!au, this is my first fanfic and I promise the story gets better as it progresses! sequel in the making, tagged and titled 'Amulets and Angel Wings']

Omg someone stop me I'm starting to c-cr-CRAFT
                              Don't cry, CRAFT
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You can't catch me gay thoughts!!!(I do this in every fanfic ever😂)
Every time I say I'm batman, my sister walks by and says yeah you're batman. I have no idea how see does it
How early does school start for most of you guys? My school starts at 8:20. 8:30 for the elementary.
Oooooooo baby! Pregnant? Guys can't get pregnant. Must be a typo. Anyone else catch that?
wowo-trash wowo-trash Jan 15
GABEGABEGABEGABEGABE I swear is there gonna be some sabriel drabbles becausr I need that