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Your Stories are Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Your Stories are Bad and You Should Feel Bad

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Edgar A. Malboeuf By EdgarMalboeuf Updated Oct 14, 2016

The vast majority of the writing I have seen on this website is worth less than the change I left upon your mother's nightstand. That means that, by statistical likelihood, your writing probably sucks too.
  Not in whole, mind you, but when it comes to a few of the trickier bits, you find yourself staring at a blank screen and scowling like a madman. 
  I, on the other hand, am damned good at this writing stuff. So, out of the bottomless generosity of my heart, I decided to try and help your plebeian self. 
  Plot exposition, character development, show versus tell, and all the little things that experienced writers know already. These are the secrets I'll drop on your lap in a vain attempt to make you learn a thing or two. 
  I'm tired of reading all the crap on this site; don't let your work be part of it.

cariiiieee cariiiieee Apr 04
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MissCentrik MissCentrik Dec 10, 2016
Preach. I'm always recommended a story on here that is indecent and written poorly. Check out the stories that have the title Bad Boy in it.
MaloshkaJoudeh MaloshkaJoudeh Apr 10, 2016
Hey, could you please check out one of my stories 'Saving tyler' or 'Lost and Adopted'
                              I'd really appreciate it, and I would guarantee you that there will be no regrets!
                              Thank you and have a nice day 
                              Xoxo - Malak
BlueJay325 BlueJay325 Sep 14, 2016
Well, I can tell from the outset that this book will prove to be very...interesting...haha. Your sarcasm and wit is very stylized and unique. I like it :)
- - Jun 28, 2016
I can say with 100% certainty that nothing I have is bad. The only thing that I'm being hit on is typos. But everything else is fairly readable at a glance and not as terrible as some stories I've seen in the 3 years I've been on Wattpad.
                              I consider myself fortunate and lucky. :)
paolojcruz paolojcruz Oct 11, 2016
Well, THAT intro certainly grabbed my attention.
                              I'm not actually familiar with your reviews, so I'm going into this without a prior frame of reference. But if the insights are at par with the bravado, then I'll give this a fair shake.