Fate and Luck [ The Mummy Returns Fanfic]- Editing-

Fate and Luck [ The Mummy Returns Fanfic]- Editing-

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Morinozuka Hime By Hime_chan10 Completed

Remember two adventures that defeated an evil mummy by the name of Imhotep. Well, they are my parents. You are probably thinking I am Alex, but no he is my younger brother. Shocking right? Well before my parents had Alex, they had a baby girl, and that girl is me.

My name is Felicia O'Connell, the daughter of Rick and Evelyn O'Connell. You probably don't know me because I left England when I was ten-years-old to American to live with my mother's other family members. Now, I am seventeen years old and I'm coming back to England to see my family. When I finally got there, I witness my mother getting kidnapped by someone. I have a feeling that my presence in England has gotten my family in big trouble and I'll do anything to save them. 

I do not own the characters in this story except for Felicia O'Connell and Athena

- Started on February 01, 2014
-Completed on March 15, 2014

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karanterus karanterus Jun 10, 2017
I just need to tell you sins I did some math (sorry I dident mean to swear at you XD) but in your story Alex would be 10 when the Mummy return's starts but in the move Alex is 8 not 10
Kay328 Kay328 Aug 11, 2016
You know how most moms or dads have a shotgun ready for when the boyfriend comes over? Yeah, i think Rick with have Bazuka and/or the book of the living
Ranting_life Ranting_life Sep 23, 2016
Here we go again. This is like 1 out of the 2 stories I read over and over