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My Girlfriend Has A Dick?

My Girlfriend Has A Dick?

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Bunny By coocoopuffs Updated Sep 23, 2016

In a world where the Y chromosomes doesn't exist and Men are aliens? Myths? Boogie men? What exactly is a man? In this world 50% of the women have penis and the other 50% have vagina's. A world full of peace and prosperity every where except for in one place. In Laya's life she is fresh out of high school and trying to find out what life is about and on this adventure she finds life isn't always full of laughter and fun.    RATED MATURE  Warning THIS STORY USES VULGAR LANGUAGE HAS EROTIC SCENES GRAPHIC CONTENT

Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Oct 10, 2016
No offense but I don't trust her. I think she trynna tap it couple of times then move to some other girl and do the same. Til she has to marry. But hey it's still to soon in the book to judge. But if I'm right I want $5
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Oct 11, 2016
This may be the first book 1st book I read where everyone is black on wattpad
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Oct 10, 2016
I'm her parents TBH. But I'm mostly her Ohms. And they got 3 MOONS?!?
Hades_daughter21 Hades_daughter21 Mar 13, 2016
She mean  her Ohma has a dick and 50% of the population does along with the Ohma
Lostnmusicnbooks Lostnmusicnbooks Jul 25, 2015
What's up with Keisha? And the verdict is still out on Erica.
dylanqwerty8 dylanqwerty8 Nov 18, 2014
I'm trying to figure out how you can't spell clothes but you can spell everything in the sex parts right