Life As We Don't Know It (An Anthology)

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Dramatism By Dramatism Updated 3 years ago
This story is an anthology.  And though it is an anthology, it doesn't mean that I'll get done with each story in one chapter.  Oh no- most have multiple parts.
    Something surreal and impossible will happen to each main character for these stories. If something is not answered, then you'll find out what happened for my last short story, which will wrap it up. I don't know how many I'll do for this series, but we'll find out!
      Also, I was inspired from the creepy- yet blood free- atmosphere of The Twilight Zone to write this.  Each story will take place in modern reality.
    The short stories~
    The Hooded Man
    One day, strange things start happening to a woman.  A strange scratching in her head.  'Misplacing things randomly'.  And then, of course- there are the dreams of him.  The Hooded Man.  He shows up in every one of her dreams and makes her spine crawl.  One day she becomes hysterical when her husband suddenly disappears and... something very weird, and very strange happens to her- and death has nothing to do with it.
You really know how to write a unique story!!!! I like how it started too!!!:D
Captivating and lovely! Will definitely read the whole way through when i have time! Cant wait to  see where it will lead!
Wow, this is really good. I really want to know what happened to that woman, you are really talented at building suspense!
hey there :) this is nice! i'm not much into suspense or paranormal but i actually like this one :D voting now :D
Very well written, and captivating from the very start! Can't wait to continue reading...... :)
Dude, super creepy lol But insanely good! I'm intrigued. 
                                    For the most part, I enjoyed your attention to detail, but in some spots it seemed a little unnecessary.
                                    I didn't spot any grammatical errors, so good job on that lol.
                                    Overall I like it. It's not your typical horror-esque story :)