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AnaBelle Ball, she's a teenage girl who helps her parents by working in small diner. Her parents can't afford for her to go to Kingsley High school; the school with the rich people, the big classrooms and big cafeteria, the great food. Instead she has to go to Gerard High School, the school where the poor people go, with crowded classrooms, crappy food. She doesn't really mind it that much though. She the type of girl who appreciates that she has anything at all. 

Van Jameson West, known by his nickname VJ. He's rich, he's popular and cute. Girls love him and guys want to be him. He has the perfect parents, the biggest house, and the best clothes. If you saw him you'd think he's the kind of guy who cares about no one but himself. You'd think he would be the selfish type. He's not though, he cares about people, and he isn't selfish. 

You probably ask yourself this question, "How could these two possibly end up together". But it could happen and you'll never know until you read and find out for yourself.

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MecheHernandezM MecheHernandezM Oct 23, 2017
I don't know if I should be afraid for her, or if he is joking...
_kdrama4life_ _kdrama4life_ Apr 16, 2017
Ok  this girls not even trying to play hard to get or at least refusing
thedeadhearts thedeadhearts Mar 14, 2017
Just a quick recommendation - Don't set out the main character's dirty laundry on Chapter 2. That escalated a lil too quick Hun
MecheHernandezM MecheHernandezM Oct 23, 2017
Hello, so far your book is good, I just wanted to recommend to change this last line of " due to her being poor and me being poor" to "due to both of us being poor" since the repetition of the same word is unnecessary. It would sound better but it is just a recommendation...
A little boy of 13 or 14, really, how old is this bitch, 80?
Thismariahisawesome Thismariahisawesome Jan 21, 2017
I was reading a different book and i got tired of it and i moved on to this one i read like half of the chapter and im like wait wasnt the name of the main character morgan.... im stupid...