Avengers High School

Avengers High School

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Tianna By forevertdr Updated May 29

After Bruce Banner's experiment in the lab turns the team into 14 year olds, Nick Fury makes them all attend a high school in NYC until Bruce and Tony fix them.

The Avengers have taken on Loki and the Chitauri and of course many other villains, but will they be able to take on the challenge of ninth grade and a visit from their favorite god of Mischief?

-Characters belong to Marvel of course- :P

MeepOfIvory MeepOfIvory Jul 24
Agent Meep aka Me : Hahah Suckas! Tony, no girlfriends who I dont approve of first. None.
ReignOn ReignOn May 24
Me: Thor, sweetheart, calm down. *leans toward Mr. Anthony* You might want to run.
Here is Hawkeye, master assassin, expert marksman, partner of Black Widow, 1/2 of S.T.R.I.K.E. Team Delta, 1/7th of the Avengers, one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents, scared of bullies.
I'm ready for a mini Hulk...not so mini, just a medium sized one lol
This is something Clint would say, not Steve tho. 😂😂✌
MeepOfIvory MeepOfIvory Jul 24
I just want to see Ktchala pop up as a teenager out of no where and yell "Meow mutha fuckas"