Eridan x Reader

Eridan x Reader

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EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT 3/2/15: What the fuck people read this-- 21.5k of you enjoyed my past weeb bs??
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EDIT: I lied. I am adding a Lemon part >3< and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1000+ READS!!! *0*

****NOT A LEMON****
....well, not really...there IS one part... >.>
I mean, how can there not be a Eridan x Reader with a bit of.... stuff? well, I've seen lemon-less EriReader, but knowing Eridan... eh

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie

AirsBears AirsBears Nov 16
ehehehehe id probably give him a french maid outfit cause im evil
I hate swimming but I love the ocean which really doesn't go well together but whatever
All of you are laughing at Eridan
                              Making fun of him
                              You're making my grandma cry
Karo-kun Karo-kun Aug 03
"Insert favourite hot drink" me:(does not even think what to put there) "COFFE."
                              I like how y\n's mind is exactly like my (sinful) Mind.
AirsBears AirsBears Nov 16