Eridan x Reader

Eridan x Reader

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EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT 3/2/15: What the fuck people read this-- 21.5k of you enjoyed my past weeb bs??
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT 10/27: Oh okay guys you all rock okay? Okay.
EDIT EDIT EDIT 7/2: Holy shit almost 6k reads.. I worry about you guys a bit 

EDIT EDIT 6/10: Oh my fucking god. 4.4k reads. WHAT DO YOU GUYS DO WITH YOUR LIVES??

EDIT: I lied. I am adding a Lemon part >3< and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1000+ READS!!! *0*

****NOT A LEMON****
....well, not really...there IS one part... >.>
I mean, how can there not be a Eridan x Reader with a bit of.... stuff? well, I've seen lemon-less EriReader, but knowing Eridan... eh

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie

It. But I wanna see it but I don't.. Pennywise doesn't seem very nice.. XD Plus I don't like clowns so..
_SmolEgg_ _SmolEgg_ Apr 23
Nah man
                              I wear boxers and a binder
                              Every day
                              Don't expect me do go walkin around with a dress on though
Cyberkill Cyberkill Apr 23
Bítch I would be the one comforting Eridan not him comforting me like I'm a six year old
I love swimming so much though. My family always has to force me to get out of the water
*gets a trashbin* 
                              you belong here ((ok im sorry dont worry ily eridan-))