My Possessive Alpha Mate (Completed!! Edited at the end!!)

My Possessive Alpha Mate (Completed!! Edited at the end!!)

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A Name By AriseToLove Completed

Elissa Pride Has been running since she was 16, It all started when she was just 14 and had to take responsibility for everything.

She was running in the forest from The basement that she was held in and Abused she's only trying to Keep her little sister Clove Safe. She runs and gets away with a Few wounds But then Cameron Beta of the Black Fate Pack comes across her with some of the other pack members she goes and meets The Alpha, Aiden Fate and just one look in the eyes and he founds out that she's his Mate!

And he has no intention of letting her go how ever she wants to go but changes her mind for a little but what happens if one mistake turns him into a Possesive and Agressive Lover.......

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brisann brisann May 23
Hey she might be surprised how gentle and kind he actually is.Right?
That reminds me of that video of bad bhabie when she reacted to people reacting to her😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ya'll bhadies know what I'm talkin bout 😂😬
Bruh I swear she wants the d but keeps rejecting him to not get the d
Uhhhh I thought I was her leg that got gashed and not her cheek and where is her little sister
I like the plot, so I guess I'll just have to suffer from the grammatical errors ;-;
Same! I'm CONSTANTLY doing that. I'm working on 2 at the same time! "A vampire's Love" and "Blackmail and Love"