For Eternity《Love Live x Reader》

For Eternity《Love Live x Reader》

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Kaelaa-chan By ReMirai Updated 4 days ago

A quick explanation of why I chose 'For Eternity' as a title~ I feel as if the title is the one most fitting of my book since this book has been going on since forever..

Jokes aside, Muse and Aquors will forever be in my heart and hopefully yours too~  ^_____^

I hope you have fun reading this as much as I have fun making it! Thank you so much for all the support and thank the Lord for yuri! ;)

Surprised by the new cover? Of course! If Hanamaru actually acted and smiled like that then I will devote my life to her.

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Kim_Chaeyoung23 Kim_Chaeyoung23 Nov 22, 2017
Can i request again pls
                              Can you make maki x popular tomboy reader
Izuuuuuuuu Izuuuuuuuu May 16
I have two requests to keep you busy
                              - Narcoleptic!Smart!Reader x Hanayo
                              -Narcissistic!Reader x Eli
                              make the character EXTREMELy narcissistic, love ya.
- - Nov 15, 2017
Can I request again? Your one-shots are pretty awsome!
                              Can you make Kanan x Shy!Dense!Reader x Dia
                              I would appreciate if you did it! ⭐
Hanamura1 Hanamura1 Oct 09, 2017
i come back with another request Chika x foreign!princess!reader c;
- - Oct 14, 2017
Hi~! It's me again~ I like your one-shots, if it's okay, can you do a Eli x Singer!Reader? (Female)
thereisnone143 thereisnone143 Oct 16, 2017
Can I make a request again?
                              If you can can you make 
                              Yandere nozomi x delinquent reader?