Mythical Affairs ✧ Frerard Halloween Short

Mythical Affairs ✧ Frerard Halloween Short

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Frank Iero has always had the strange ability of being able to sew up his own wounds without stitches, heal a broken animal with a single touch. Once he is introduced to the brother of his best friend friend, he may finally discover that he isn't the own human to posses an incredible power. 


{ Halloween short horror story }

{ Warnings: smut, bad language, DEATH, blood/some graphic descriptions, it's just not for the weak hearted }

  • frankiero
  • frerard
  • gay
  • gerardway
  • gothic
  • halloween
  • horror
  • mcr
  • mychemicalromance
  • plottwist
  • spooky
  • witchcraft
  • witches
i don’t understand grape flavoured sweets lmao but i hate blackcurrant too oops
I walk right in my friend's house and go straight to the cupboard and grab a packet of ramen noodles
One time I carved the scariest pumpkin on the block. It was truly terrifying, since I carved the iPhone battery icon with 1% left.
But not a sweet lil dude. Thats reserved 4 Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III
Okay but I’m literally wearing what Gerard is wearing how weird
This reminds me of when I broke the wing off a bird ornament and just taped it back on because I thought my family wouldn’t notice