Mythical Affairs ✧ Frerard Halloween Short

Mythical Affairs ✧ Frerard Halloween Short

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Frank Iero has always had the strange ability of being able to sew up his own wounds without stitches, heal a broken animal with a single touch. Once he is introduced to the brother of his best friend friend, he may finally discover that he isn't the own human to posses an incredible power. 


{ Halloween short story }

{ Warnings: smut, bad language, DEATH, blood/some graphic descriptions, it's just not for the weak hearted }

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Haha in my country nearly nothing is artificially flavoured. It tastes like actual fruit! American food tastes so fake and ugh.
I really HATE apple tarts. I'm saying tarts because sweet pies are FOOKIN TARTS.
EvesEve EvesEve Dec 15, 2017
I’m a mix of both. I love having fun and running around and being carefree, but I don’t really like people. So idk. I like dancing on my own I guess.
I do two pumpkins each year. One that I carve out a circle but leave the silhouette of Oogie Boogie to look like the start of this is haloween, and one Jack and sally one with them standing on that curly hill that is also a silhouette. I'm thinking of doing the emo trinity signs on one to.
Haha it stops raining in some countries?..
                              I've never seen a fully clear sky in Wales ever.