Fight or Flight [On Hold]

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gempearl By gempearl Updated 3 years ago
They say that we're born with either a fight or flight response: when we panic, we'll either stay and fight or run away. It's programmed into our DNA and there's nothing we can do to change it.
    This was Lexy's fight or flight - stay and talk it out or run away. She'd always thought she'd be more of a fight kind of girl, but until that moment, she'd really had no idea.
I like this story and you deserve points for giving me this cookie. *Noms*
@gempearl ohh I re-read it and now I get what you mean. When he told her he was sorry and she thought that she would be just as addicted as he was when "it" happened
You have great dialogue! Haha... i suck at dialogue :( anyway, your description is also really good, and your characters and their relations are well thought out :) i didn't see any errors so thats always good!
The descriptions are very well done, and the characters have well thought traits. It makes the story very enjoyable! I will definitely be reading on. Great job!
This a was an excellent first chapter! I definitely want to keep reading:) the description was great and the characters are soo real! You have a nice writing style and overall it was written very well! Good job and keep up the good work:)
@gempearl ooh well i think it might sound better if you put it it wont sound repetitive, but whatever its your story :) I like it just the way it is ;)