The Bed Master (Rated SPG)

The Bed Master (Rated SPG)

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N.B Marlowe By EvenHartlessDevilCry Updated Jul 22, 2016

The Bed Master

Written by: EvenHeartlessDevilsCry



From the TITLE itself you will already know what this story is ALL ABOUT. Yan po ang ginawa kong Title para malaman niyo agad na RATED SPG ang story. So if you don't like the GENRE of the story please just stop reading it h'wag na magcomment ng mga harsh na salita. OK po?

This story was written NOT to propagate dirty, naive and malicious minds nor corrupt innocentness out of it. This is written to bestow lesson about family, love, friendship and most of all SEX.

This was made to tell YOU that...

SEX is done wearing the safest thing, condom is NOT what I'm pertaining but the holy wedding ring- the ring where both of you oath, swear and promise. :D


Please be open-minded. (Iwasan ang magkaroon ng close-circuit na utak. OK PO?)

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Wrath is in my he...

    KyleMapile KyleMapile Sep 28, 2014
    Mahaba pa to diba? pakituloy please. alam kong maganda yung story. update lang.
    CrownStar CrownStar Feb 19, 2014
    nakakalito kapatid si eury ksi binenta siya ng sarili ama hayss hihi minsan ksi nlakainis din si eury peo ngaun alam ko na kailangan nia ng atensyon hihi haba ng explanation ko :)
    CrownStar CrownStar Feb 04, 2014
    eury naawa ako sa kanya haissst :( galing ni author wooh astig \m/