Crow from Hong Kong (Book 1 of Series)

Crow from Hong Kong (Book 1 of Series)

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Hear it.

See it.

Feel it.
Then, go look for it.

    " Whispered truths, hidden beliefs, and well-received superstitions circle worldwide about them, but exactly what are is still a mystery: a uncertainty that every city which has them wishes they never had to begin with.

     Feared by those who know of them, but never hated upon. They can be one of your coworkers, your friends, your lover, even one of your siblings- you can never can tell, unless a bunch of the same animal surrounds them. 

     And, you can become one of them yourself in an instant. All it takes is for one random animal to be attracted to you...

     and that's it. Your feelings will become something no one will ever understand. Ever."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      Book 1 of a series, involving several other separate books about "them", the people who animals 'pick', and who never can be understood.

   Inspired by the picture on the cover.

   Copyright © Picture belongs to its rightful owner(s).

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