The Mafiuso

The Mafiuso

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HAZEL'EVES By HazelEves Updated May 05

"You said you fucking Love me, Yeah?" He clutched my hairs in his deadly tight gripped. 

"Then show me how fucking your damn glossy mother-fucking pink pussy lips craved for my attension when i was'nt at home"  Ethan bellowed in my ears,  his hot minty breath licked my earlobe before a pang of pleasure hit through out my whole body. 

"I'm not a man whom you consider me to become, i'm an asshole. Heartless killer" He hissed

"I won't kiss on your fucking forehead when i came back from work like any other fucking-happily-in-love-man" He droped his hands down 'there' under my fully soacked panties and poked my cunt aggressively 

"I want you, sitting in a hallway, whilst waiting for my arrival ,with spreaded legs and showing off your creamy pussy for me on full display" He carressed his wet fingers coated in my own thick cum on my lips.

"And" He smiled sinisterly when his tough rough and giant hands cupped
 my round boobs tenderly, pinching yet circuling my now wide awaken perky rose pink nipples through his thumb "I want your boobs sagging and bowing down in respect when i return from work" He whispered Huskily..

"GOT IT, my fucking slut?" He tucked loose strand behind my ear softly and left the room before throwing his earth shattering wink on my way..


Warning: This book is not what you have already read on wattpad, it will contain a lot of harsh languages, mature contents ,abusive sex plots... Highly recommend for 18+


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  • asshole
  • childhood
  • dark
  • humor
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AshantiM16 AshantiM16 Dec 14, 2017
Is it me that's having a little trouble reading this persons english
delavia2 delavia2 Nov 12, 2017
                              Your book sounds good so far but I must say that you have a lot of grammatical errors. 😕
                              Please correct them for the betterment of your story.👍
HazelEves HazelEves Dec 14, 2017
No but i have mentioned multiple times that English isn't my native language and secondly I'll edit my book once I find out the perfect editor
darrrlin darrrlin Sep 11, 2017
Such a nice chapter and story so far, but I'm having a hard time with all the incorrect spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I hope you'll find the time to edit! I'm really liking this story! Keep it up! <3
PriyankaVerma377 PriyankaVerma377 Sep 10, 2017
Story is amazing! Just not edited tho.anyways i would love to read it. ❤
KenderaXO KenderaXO Sep 21, 2017
2 be honest I only read like 3 paragraphs. Bout to peep that next chapter