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Bad Boy Meet Bad Girl *Major Editing*

Bad Boy Meet Bad Girl *Major Editing*

365K Reads 9.2K Votes 31 Part Story
Ani By shortINA918 Completed

Darein, mostly known as Jean, is living the life as a bad girl. Everyone thinks she lives in a perfect life, everyone but her close friends. Does she really have a perfect life that everyone thinks she has? Is she really that tough, confident girl that everyone sees? Will Jean's life change after her auntie comes back and take her away from her not-so-perfect- life? Or she will stay the same?

Nightcoremadness Nightcoremadness Nov 12, 2016
Stood sorry I know how you feel I'm not used to English either XD
popsicledestroyer popsicledestroyer Nov 12, 2016
Its okay honey, English is my first language and i still cant speak it. Nor can i  do grammar and i have been taking classes to i still suck but you have a excuse.
jimicorn jimicorn Jun 23, 2016
dude the stereotypes and slut shaming is not appealing or funny at all
jimicorn jimicorn Jun 23, 2016
this is my 2nd time reading and tbh I really loved this story so much but now that I'm reading it again, the stereotypes and the repeated used of the word slut. It just doesn't seem right to me
mscarrot1 mscarrot1 Oct 09, 2016
I call school 'jail' without bars or barb wires or cell mates and not beds
lilcloudmichelle lilcloudmichelle Dec 07, 2016
That's me right there. People try their best to make me happy, smile, or laugh. It's kinda impossible but possible....