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Living in a world where things are taken care of as best as they can is already hard but living in the new world on your own is harder after life takes a wrong turn. Even in the eyes of beauty also lies eyes of deceit. 

She does what she does to make life easier. To give a childhood that wasn't granted to her. 

How did she go from Bambi to 'Profit'...

Cover made by @MilaDon.

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overattention overattention Jul 09, 2017
Yassssssss.....a story with a not so stero type girl for example 
                              (Mixed with something like 5 different races and Big but and boobs and has that one friend who talks so damn much)
BelieveDestine BelieveDestine Sep 13, 2016
That had me tied up in 6th grade and let the circle be unbroken
queenbling123 queenbling123 Feb 19, 2016
I read that nook in 6th grade why u reading that in high school
star_jones star_jones Jul 31, 2016
Thought I was like the only girl who didn't remotely like pink
meganisluv meganisluv Dec 19, 2016
I think of Bambi the deer and Bambi that's on love and hip hop atl
meganisluv meganisluv Dec 19, 2016
That book is so much life!! Hope the next generation get to experience it since we have way more technology now then back then