Help. (A Sam Pottorff FanFic) :)

Help. (A Sam Pottorff FanFic) :)

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Kyndell Wright has problems.

 Problems that no 16 year old should have to go through. Her father is on the run, her brother is in jail, her mother is dead, and her psycho ex-boyfriend is stalking her. She moves all the way to California to escape the drama, but bad things always seem to follow her.

 Her best friend introduces her to the o2L guys and from the first glance, she falls for Sam Pottorff. 

Will she open up to him? How will he react to the way she deals with her problems? Can he give her the help she needs to heal? Or will she fade into the darkness?

I cannot cook I don't even know how to turn on the stove and I'm 11 i also cannot do laundry because u know same reason everything I cook is in the microwave and mom worries about laundry not me
Actually this is how you describe each boy
                              Ricky got sass
                              Sam got love
                              Trevor got them notes from above
                              Connor got the giggles
                              And Kian is a bro
                              And JC is simply from Texas
Fuk🌚😭 im cuffed to Kian but liek I cant help it... SAM YOU ARE A SEXY SON OF A BITCH
karasherpa karasherpa Jul 23
That's me but the first time sencond time is me dragging my friend by her feet and making them talk if I ship people no one  can stop me
When that jawline hits you hard😭🍒💖😍💥🤑😘😅💦
laneylynn28 laneylynn28 Aug 21, 2015
uh oh i think it her dad or  her ex bofriend and she says she is very clumsy well when she "fled" the house im suprised she didnt trip