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-Under Final Edit-
  Galaxy Girl, The daughter of the Worlds greatest hero Captain Galaxy and Toxic, son of the worlds most infamous villain Mastermind, have been battling it out since infancy. Their fathers, arch enemies themselves, ensured that. He's a egotistical radioactive brainiac with a love for wreaking havoc, and she's the all very heroic Heroine who has to clean up after him. Oddly they share a bond unknown to the rest of the world, fate made them arch nemeses, but circumstance made them friends.
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EverEmber EverEmber Aug 19, 2016
Why does wisdom come with age? My mom told me she thought she knew everything until she had kids, and from then on was repeatedly reminded that she knew absolutely nothimg
EverEmber EverEmber Aug 19, 2016
I'm guessing the "for the most part" is the fact that he's not in jail
amanda_ese amanda_ese Aug 19, 2016
Why is so long 
                              People have other things to do
                              But it is interesting
I don't think the IQ test even gets that high... he broke the test😅
EverEmber EverEmber Aug 19, 2016
I read this book 2 times and I never knew his last name, and here it is
EverEmber EverEmber Aug 19, 2016
I'm gonna read this entire book again while waiting for the second one. That's how much I loved it