Ready for this? (shinee fanfic) chptr 1

Ready for this? (shinee fanfic) chptr 1

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Shineelovers By Shineelovers Updated May 06, 2012

Taemin slowly walked into the hotel room and sat down on his bed looking down. Key and Jonghyun had walked in joking around about what had just recently happened on stage. Taemin's face turned red as he blushed thinking about their concert they just finished. A girl had kissed Taemin's cheek on stage and Taemin reacted by letting out a shy burp.

  "It was an accident,"Taemin explained.

  "And it was a cute accident that was video taped for the entire world to watch and download,"Key laughed.

  Taemin looked at Key angrily,"She was kind of cute actually."

  Minho walked in and slammed the door behind him as he stormed into the room with an angry look on his face. He raced to his bed and sat on the bed far away from Taemin looking outside the window.

  "Is everything alright Minho?"Key asked.

   "No!"Minho shouted.

  "Sorry I didn't mean to-"

   "Just leave me alone okay?"Minho rudely shouted at Key.

   Onew walked in the door with a towel wrapped around his neck and asked,"What...

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NikoruChan NikoruChan Aug 05, 2012
Well that got to the point very quickly. xD Normally it takes around two chapters for people to admit that they're in love with their bestfriend. But I shall continue to read ^^ This story is good (: