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 By blueplays77777 Updated Sep 21, 2017

she's just a daughter,
dreaming of having a happy life,
dreaming of a peaceful sorroundings,
dreaming of having a good friends.

her life was full of sadness and fears.
she has a tiger mom, that never treat her as her own daughter, a sister who's always ashamed her, a father that never bothers and a bullies at her school.

she was thinking of giving up.
but one day, there will be a man and an old man
that will change her life.

a man that is willing to love and to protect her,
and an old man who was willing to stay her away from sadness and fears..

is she has an eager to face her coming new life or will stay in a sadness and fears together with her tiger mom, reckless father, sister and bullies at her school..

let us all see, what will happen :) 

tagalog version po ito..

happy reading.. 😘