Zombie Rock

Zombie Rock

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Joe Cleveland By JRCleveland Completed

When Jack Gibson becomes infected with The Red Plague, turning him into a so-called Zombie, his life suddenly gets complicated. Kara, his cheerleader girlfriend, dumps him. Then, after a Zombie riot, his mother decides the city is too dangerous and drags him back to Osborne, the hick town where she grew up. 

Things go from bad to worse as Jack learns the town is being run by Garret Sweeney, a psychotic preacher with the hots for his mother. As it turns out, the preacher has a few secrets of his own, and will stop at nothing to get his way... not even murder. 

When Jack discovers that rock music helps him think more clearly, things start to look up for him and he even decides to help some of the other Zombies at his new school. But he can't seem to win for losing, because it only gets him in more hot water with Garret. 

How long can Jack hide his secret? 

Who can a Zombie trust? 

Will he be able to stop Garret before it's too late? 

Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more, as Jack struggles to hold on to his humanity and save the people he loves.

Note From Author:


Thank you for checking out my book! There's so much to read on Wattpad, and I am grateful for all of the support that I've received.

I've tried to bring something a little different to the zombie genre, and I hope you enjoy Jack's story. If so, please consider voting, commenting, and sharing with your friends using the "Share" option that is available for all Wattpad books.

It took many many hours to write Zombie Rock. Your feedback and support is what makes it all worthwhile. You Rock!  :-)

UPDATE: Zombie Rock is now available for FREE on Amazon. Enjoy! 

- Joe

  • dark-humor
  • love
  • revenge
  • teen
  • zombie
waterhaven waterhaven Jan 02
I'm just picturing them talking in a trashy redneck voice and it's hilarious 😂😂😂
WhiteBaritoneJuke WhiteBaritoneJuke Sep 19, 2016
This level of Rock'n Roll references! I literally can't wait to delve into this book!
_ok_and_ _ok_and_ Feb 15, 2016
This is a great book 3 time reading it on a different profile
                              I forgot my password for the other one lol
smallgh0st smallgh0st Mar 28, 2016
I live on a farm, totally understand it.  We've probably never locked our door once 😆
Sparrow91 Sparrow91 Jun 15, 2016
Just read the first chapter and I have to say that I'm impressed,this is really good and now moving on to the next chapter :)
symphonix-OLD symphonix-OLD Feb 28, 2016
If her boyfriend has a band called "The Hairy Trolls", I think she should be questioning the relationship. XD