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Dursley's Daughter (A Harry Potter Next Generation Fan Fic)

Dursley's Daughter (A Harry Potter Next Generation Fan Fic)

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writing words By writerer Completed

In an interview, JK Rowling once said that she thought about writing Dudley Dursley into the Epilogue with a magical child. What if she had? This is the story of Dudley's daughter, Esther.

Entering her sixth year at Hogwarts, Esther is becoming sick of stereotypes. Sorted into Hufflepuff as a first year, she feels destined to be only loyal and diligent: qualities of a sidekick, not a leader.  And it's her last name, Dursley, that causes the uncomfortable disconnect between her and the Potter-Weasleys without them getting to know each other at all. But as she slowly befriends the Slytherin Scorpius Malfoy and captains her house's Quidditch team, Esther has the chance to prove to Hogwarts that not only is there more substance to Hufflepuffs than meets the eye, but that all stereotypes - of houses and last names - can, and should, be crushed.

seaweedgal seaweedgal Jun 21
You can't be killed by dementors. They just suck your soul leaving you a brainless zombie. Also, it's like you never existed when they steal your soul.
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KiWeasley KiWeasley Mar 30
Hi, sorry for bothering you but i've a question: can I translate this story in italian? Pleas, answer me. (I'm italian, I study english at school) @writerer
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Okay, so apparently Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks and Newt Scamander just don't exist.
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