The Unforgotten Shadows of My Life

The Unforgotten Shadows of My Life

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HannahBear4ever By HannahBear4ever Updated Sep 22

When all seems lost, Katie must find herself and save a kingdom that has been under the horrific rule of her father for decades. In the past, both her mother and grandmother tried to promote change, but they both failed at the hands of their own husbands. Now, it is up to Katie to follow their legacy and change the world that seems past saving. 

Early on, she meets a man that reminds her of her past mistakes. A man whose presence tortures her with memories that have placed shadows on her heart. Shadows that she cannot forget. How will his presence impact the choices she makes in the near future?

Will she be able to ignore the past and save the people who are no longer looking for a savior? 

Will the love she once shared for her father blind her to the truth of what's happening? 

Will she let go of her fear and embrace who she really is in order to save the people, or continue to hide who she really is?

 Katie is a dragon, a creature with the power to change the world, but regret and fear keep her from unlocking that power again.

Note: This story updates every Friday.


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I haven't even started reading and i'm already excited to read about it!
Joellianee Joellianee Aug 08
You can write whatever you want because whether the genre of your book was sci-fi fantasy or not, it's your book, and books aren't real. They come from your imagination and you can do whatever you want with it
I love this start. The lone word sentences give a eerie feel to the story. Sort of, forgive me for the musical reference, Mähler's first symphony where the high A is being held on the strings.
ayo723 ayo723 Aug 10
Great beginning! Gives the feeling of the chapter and sets an eerie sort of vibe
carapoole carapoole Aug 29
I am confused although in the good way because I want answers 😂 I’m intrigued to read on
Well, this just kind of punches you in the face right from the get-go. I like it. I'm interested to know more about this narrator, more of their personality. Good stuff.