Dead Ringer [in progress]

Dead Ringer [in progress]

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Renée Shantel By ReneeShantel Updated Jan 12

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Ringer had everything she ever wanted in life: a loving family, brilliant friends, a steadily rising career in the music industry...

But all of that is lost to her when on Halloween night, she and her sister are caught in a freak car accident - one that Amelia doesn't survive.

Devastated by her sister's death and afraid of having the media constantly throw it in her family's faces, Adalia Ringer makes the hasty decision to temporarily take her twin's place - just long enough for the story to die down. For the world to move on. Two weeks maximum, right? 

But despite what she might have thought, taking her sister's place was never going to be easy - especially when she begins to fall for a boy that Amelia wouldn't have been caught dead with.