All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

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ibrie2 By ibrie2 Updated Feb 27, 2014

'He's mine' Is the only thing that swirls through my mind. He's perfect. Those brown eyes, hair that flips the right way, the only guy I could every dream of.... Then someone snaps in my face.

"Hey, uh, Aria, you okay?" His voice.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine. Thanks for asking though."

I smiled as he walked away, my face going from pokerface to bright red cheeks.

Makena, my best friend, walked past, "Aria, was it Drew again?"

"Hehe, yeah." I smiled.

She rolled her eyes and pulled me to class. All I did was giggle as we walked to Science.

- Science Class -

"Class is in session!" The woman said firmly.

All I could do was daydream about Drew. I flinched up, and looked up to see my teacher, but also that she slapped a ruler on my desk.

"Alright, Miss. Young. Since you think you know it all due to daydreaming, tell me, what are the processes of cell division?"

"Uh..... Indigestion?"

Everyone busted out into laughter. I ran from the room, and slammed myself against some lockers, crying. ...