Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

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Maddie By _staywildmoonchild Completed

Zoe can't imagine life without Zuever...

At eighteen years old and living in a psychiatric ward, Zoe knows she's as crazy as psycho can be. With an 'alien' running around in her mind it is a wonder how she functions at all. With the doctors continuously telling her to strive for a sense of normalcy, she has no desire to do so if it means getting rid of Zuever, the only constant force of good in her life. 

Zuever has waited long enough to claim Zoe as his...

The next in line to rule his planet of Tamber, Zuever knew exactly who his mate was at 20 planet rotations. What he hadn't counted on was his mate being a tiny human from the planet Earth. Waiting six years for her to reach the age of maturity was an unexpected annoyance, but not as much as being kidnapped by an enemy planet and unable to go to her aid when she needed him. Now free, it is time to save his mate and prove to her that he is more than a figment of her imagination. 

Together they will discover a consuming love that connects them even worlds apart.