Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC)

Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC)

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Meganfall By Meganfall Completed

**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #1 ~ 10/6/17**TO BE PUBLISHED**Ali woke with no memory of who she was or what had happened.  She was lying on the floor and four terrifying bikers were standing over her.  After six long months, an older biker sneaks into her cell and lets her out.  He puts her in a car and gives her an address, then walks away.

Jaxon has been barely surviving since his girl Ali was killed by a car bomb.  He becomes the Sargent of Arms for his MC and vows to never give his heart to anyone else.  His brothers rename him Dragon, in honour of his new found love of the blowtorch.

How will he cope, when an unknown car shows up near the compound one day, and his Ali is behind the wheel.  Will she ever remember what he was to her?  And will he be able to save her from, the man that is desperate to see her dead! 

© 2017 by Megan Fall. All rights reserved.

***Please note that my account was hacked.  This is the story I had posted on my old account, just the title and MC name have been changed for my protection.

Book 1 ~ Finding Ali (Dragon's Story) 
Book 2 ~ Saving Cassie (Steele's Story)
Book 3 ~ Loving Misty (Trike's Story)
Book 4 ~ Rescuing Tiffany (Shadow's Story)
Book 5 ~ Guarding Alexandria (Mario's Story)
Book 6 ~ Protecting Fable (Tripp's Story)
Book 7 ~ Surviving November (Jude's Story)
Book 8 ~ Sheltering Macy (Preacher's Story)
Book 9 ~ Defending Zoe (Dagger's Story)

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Most beautiful and amazing stories by the best writer, I love it not a single boring moment through the stories...keep it of luck.....
AnnLouiseCandice AnnLouiseCandice Oct 24, 2017
Love the new cover so glad u back gonna read them all love ur book and cant wait to read the new ones that are coming  soon
Sorry to hear you’ve been hacked that freaking sucks!!! Can’t wait to start reading this book!!
That sucks to hear, good job going through with the copyright! I can't wait to read
IsabelHaun IsabelHaun Sep 14, 2017
Thank god I find u by name title of book I was wondering wat happen so I'm so happy u Bk. Welcome back girl
Kai_Draws Kai_Draws Oct 28, 2017
I'm really sorry to hear someone would hack your account and attempt to take your books like that! I'm an artist so the most I've ever dealt with is a few minor art thieves... I wish the best for you and hope you can gain your following once more!