In Pursuit of Justine™[Completed]

In Pursuit of Justine™[Completed]

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D. M. Drake By DawnMDrake Completed

The Corwin Brothers (Book 3) 

[Can a need to "Protect" ever turn to "Love?"]

(John McCay)

"Paula, where did Justine go? You know something that you're not telling me.  I'm trying to ask you nicely."  I was losing my patience.

"I already told you, that I don't know.  She stopped by here and I told her that I couldn't help her.  She got a ride and I haven't seen her since."  Paula's voice shook nervously.

"You better not be lying to me, I'm going to find her and she will help me in my scheme.  I always get my way."  I assured her angrily.

"If you hear from her again, get in touch with me immediately.  This is goodbye for now."  I breathed close to her face in a threatening manner.

Those daughters of mine, cost me $500K and I didn't forget it!  If they won't help me, I'll find another way, but I will get my money from those Corwins. . .

Brandon, the youngest Corwin Brother, handsome with stunning grey eyes and Attorney at Law, was totally intrigued with Justine McKay, from the day he met her. He had to find out why she vanished 1 year ago.  Was she in trouble? She was on the run and hiding from, John McKay, her father.  Brandon, considers it a mission to help and protect, Justine.  The entire Corwin Family is back, including the cutest little matchmaker, Liliana.  For another battle against the menacing John McKay, who is obsessed with getting the money he feels they still owe him.  He wages a battle against Corwin Development Corporation, itself.  Will he finally win? Or will Brandon, dismantle the tough girl exterior of Justine, and win her heart? He has his own past to face, before he does. . .

*Cover Credits to: @DawnMDrake

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