Dawn of Corruption

Dawn of Corruption

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Troy H.W. Greenwood By teklis Updated 7 days ago

Winner of 17 awards, including eight genre 1st places and special awards for Best Fight Scene, Best Female Character, Best Plot Twist, Wordsmith, and People's Choice.

The Free Tribes, a throng of powerful beasts, clans, and small villages have encircled Caastigen, the capital of Sindara. At the beginning of this unnatural war, five strangers awake in an alley with no visual memories and a splintered collection of knowledge; Alisandra, a musically-talented half-elf, Sir Calvorn, a wretched knight clinging to his honor, Bromli, a dwarf caught up in his own viewpoint and contraptions, and Vadik a half-orc druid hell-bent on dolling out justice to the guilty. A secretive elf named Tyriel infers that greater forces are at work and asks for their help.

The group sets out across the treacherous landscape to retrieve an ancient relic, the Trident of Fate, which contains the power to see the past, present, and future. This fragmented weapon may be the key to ending the war and returning their memories, but as their own pasts unfold, will they discover who they can trust, or will they collide and destroy each other. 

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"Sweet shit this book is amazing." ~ @QueenJenny13 (Phoenix Awards Judge)

"I'd buy this book right now without hesitation." ~ @JabberlocksBox (Newbie Circus Awards)

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Brett_D Brett_D Nov 03, 2017
So many worlds created from the imaginations of the human psyche.
Reffster Reffster Apr 26
"as much as I 'have' writing it"?  Or maybe "had as much fun reading it as I've had writing it"?  Sorry, don't mean to nitpick, but you don't want a little typo in the very first paragraph giving people the wrong impression about your undoubtedly excellent book.
CynkNapp CynkNapp Jan 02
Congratulations on the "word smith" award in Phoenix Awards.
I like that you did it that way. I'm definitely someone who likes imagining characters, even though I like casts to see what writers are picturing.
MaeveSiverling MaeveSiverling Nov 11, 2017
I love how efficient and to the point this intro is, and your map is amazing! Fantasy stories with elves and dwarfs have been done a lot, but your impeccable writing and intriguing premise here, make me nostalgic for those types of stories--and make me want to read your book. :-)
Thank you so much 😂 if I see another Chris Hemsworth or Jennifer Lawrence I'll tear my hair out