Embracing Reality: WATTY AWARDS(:

Embracing Reality: WATTY AWARDS(:

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Kayla By CatastrophicCupcake Updated Feb 15, 2011

Jasmine lives with her 'step-father' Darren and half-brother Kaleb. After so many years in foster care a real permanent home seems like it is just a cruel joke. When she moves and meets a guy named Venus, or 'Ven', who tests her self-control she has to keep a eye own her emotions because he is stirring them up. His unkempt appearance and inked skin suggest a real tough guy and Jasmine might be venturing into the danger zone with trying to get to know him. Is it something that they should look into, or is something as foreign as the word 'love' to the both of them going to tear them farther and farther apart. 

On the other hand, when strange calls are being made to her address she thinks it is her long-lost father that walked out on her before she was born. Jasmine is starting to feel less and less like someone who needs to worry about the consequences and more and more like a girl who is one the brink of finding some answers.

What will the outcome be when the person she solely tries to ignore becomes the person she wants nothing else but the company of?

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CatastrophicCupcake CatastrophicCupcake Mar 21, 2011
Oh, I know there are some screw ups in here and I'm going to fix them soon(:
BeckieFreechilds BeckieFreechilds Feb 15, 2011
THis is a great story and it is really well written :) do you think you could take a look at mine and suggest ways i could improve? x