1Direction. 1Chance. 1Mistake. One Love.

1Direction. 1Chance. 1Mistake. One Love.

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"So this was all just for a story!?" He yelled his dark brown hair shaking as he looked down at me, hurt ran across his face as I cringed back at the sight. I was at a lost for words; me, the one that always has something to say. I saw him start to pull away from my grasp, "You lied to us Lenny, and worse, you lied to me." He started to pull further and further away as I continued to see the hurt in his eyes, I had betrayed him, I had betrayed all of them.

I finally felt him pull away as he threw the magazine down on the coffee table and slammed the door behind him. His aftershave still strong in the apartment. "Don't go. I love you." I whispered as I felt myself break. I didn't deserve his love or any of their love, I was a selfish person and I had lost the one love I ever cared about for a good story.


Wilma Jones, also known as Lenny is an eighteen year old intern working at a high fashion Gossip Magazine called EXPOSURE. She there to start off her writing career and to hopefully one day make it to the New York Times or even to get one of her works published. However, when her boss asks her to go undercover as a caterer for the OneDirection World Wide Band Tour and to get a good story for the magazine, Lenny is hesitant at first but feels this would be a good push for her career. I mean what's the worst that could happen?

However, when you throw in five teenage boys, a band tour, secrets, and a possible love affair. You may just have the biggest story of the year, but what will be even bigger is when Lenny finds herself falling for one of her stories. She wasn't meant to get attached, get the story and get a promotion. But it seems as if things manage to take another turn for Lenny and one of the band members of OneDirection. Will she choose the love she's always wrote about or the job she always dreamed about?

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