How to Hold Your Head and Your Heart

How to Hold Your Head and Your Heart

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Megan and Angela By Megelan0 Updated Oct 09, 2017

Benny Wilder never knew what death would bring him, but he sure as Hell didn't expect zombification. 

Well, to be fair, only part of him became a zombie. The physical part, that is. The rest of his being (the soul, the mind, whatever you want to call it) separated from his body and became some sort of spirit.

Benny spends his days following around his undead counterpart, which he lovingly refers to as ZomBenny, but what happens when he stumbles upon a girl that can see him? A girl that can hear him? A girl that can free him?

Join Benny, Bea, and, well, ZomBenny, on this wild adventure of life, death, and extreme sarcasm.

~How to Hold Your Head and Your Heart~

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*Started on 9/8/17*

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